Responsive design for an ever-changing world.

In today's rapidly changing world, traditional websites are getting left behind.

In order to reach your audience today, your site must be able to work on both smartphones and computers. That's why I design websites that respond and change their layout based on what size screen they're being viewed on. That way, your website will look great on computers, tablets, and smartphones alike. No squinting or zooming required!

My Work

Here you'll find a few examples of websites that I have built recently.

I mainly build small personal or business websites, but I also do larger projects. I use a platform called Wordpress to design most of my sites. Wordpress allows a user of any skill level to have complete control of their website once I've finished designing it. This is important to me because a site is only as good as its content and my clients are often the ones who will be updating and keeping that content fresh.

Bluegrass Coffee & Water

JCA Media

Men For Christ

King's Audio Video Services

Hello, my name is Paul Clark.

About Me

I’m a web designer and a certified computer repair technician living in Central Kentucky. I love what I do and work hard to make sure that when I finish a project, I can say that I did my best. I want every one of my clients to be happy with my work. I won't take on a project if I don't think that I can make that happen.

I'd love the privilege of working with you on your next website.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Send me an email below to request a free estimate or to talk about your next website.